New Animation: Preview and Screenshot

2008-12-02 10:38:44 by Wota-Animations

I posted this on the forum in the art section but i thought i mite aswell post it here too, the link does work so i would like to know what everones thoughts are, i am going to make a short with this as a one off, stand alone cartoon! if you have any ideas of how to improve to i would love to here them too!

Here is the link! lets hope my bandwidth holds because it is geocities!

Below is a screen shot of the the flash that is linked above, it is only about 20 seconds long!

New Animation: Preview and Screenshot

Well i have been doing some more work on the character designs and they are slowly but surely starting to turn into what i want them to be like, i am not going to post many more picture on here because i want it to be more of a surprise when i submit it on newgrounds. Peter has been working on planning out the fight scene at the end of the movie which is starting to be drawn on the computer but i will talk about that in more detail at a later date.

What i want to talk about is the new css that is going to be applied to my blog to make it more 'wotay' if that is a word, i am going to also work on the pages, eg. about us and cartoons so make sure you are looking out for that. I have been working alot recently so i havent been able to work on this asmuch as i would like to but the jobs that are slightly boring are starting to get done and i am on to the more fun stuff like animating fight scenes and preveiwing work!

I have Been working on some new designs for the cartoon 'Hours and Days' and i am going to start one of the hardest scenes in the first character but here is a little picture, It still needs a bit of work.

More Designs for 'Hours and Days'

Hours and Days

2008-01-13 07:03:07 by Wota-Animations

Hello everyone this is just a little message to tell you guys that i am starting my cartoon serie 'Hours and Days' again its going to be even better then it was last time i was working on it!! i'll keep you posted on the process!

At the moment i am working on the characters i am updating them to match it with my better style of drawing but also i am making them easier to animate!

We are all in control:
Well i dont know why it is taking my so long but i still haven't finished the 'we are all in control' cartoon proberly because i have just gone back to school but i just dont feel motivated to finishing it off even though i only have to animate about 20 - 25 seconds.

I think that i ll just hit it all at once this weekend after i have finished all my assigments and then that will give me alot more time to do school work and stop worrying if i am going to get the cartoon done in time for the moving pictures short film festival!

New Cartoon Series:
Thats right new cartoon series well it will be a series if people enjoy the first episode which is under development as we speech me and jack are writing the first episode which is going pretty well and it does have a few good jokes in it considering its a draft and we have only written the first chapter.

New Website:
And the final bit of 441 i have for you in this post is the new website which is going along swimmingly it looks a lot better than the last one that we had plus it has a little blog on the front page which will make it easy to edit and update!

So until next time!

We Are all in Control! Post: 2

2007-07-26 08:05:22 by Wota-Animations

Well i thought that i would do a little post as an update to let everyone reading know where i am in this new cartoon. I have started to get the animatic going and i should be finished to night!! Fingers crossed! but i also have animated about 50 seconds to a minute of it so its going good and its proberly going to be about 2 and a bit minutes long.

Finishing date is going to be some time this weekend so if i stick to the plan and dont watch to much foxtel then i think that its going to be up soon!! anywho here is a little picture from it!

We Are all in Control! Post: 2

We Are all in Control! Post 1

2007-07-20 00:37:19 by Wota-Animations

Hello everyone i just thought that i would take advantage of this layout and its new features and write a post about my new cartoon 'Where all in Control' is a little animation i am making for the ACMI Screen It Film Festival. The Theme of the cartoon has to be a remote control so i got my brother to write a song that would match a story about a boy who finds a remote that can change anything.

Here is the opening scene that i have drawn.

We Are all in Control! Post 1