More Updates On Character Designs

2008-01-19 09:06:14 by Wota-Animations

Well i have been doing some more work on the character designs and they are slowly but surely starting to turn into what i want them to be like, i am not going to post many more picture on here because i want it to be more of a surprise when i submit it on newgrounds. Peter has been working on planning out the fight scene at the end of the movie which is starting to be drawn on the computer but i will talk about that in more detail at a later date.

What i want to talk about is the new css that is going to be applied to my blog to make it more 'wotay' if that is a word, i am going to also work on the pages, eg. about us and cartoons so make sure you are looking out for that. I have been working alot recently so i havent been able to work on this asmuch as i would like to but the jobs that are slightly boring are starting to get done and i am on to the more fun stuff like animating fight scenes and preveiwing work!


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2008-01-19 11:41:54

That Blue fat guy needs shading on the nose. The whole thing looks great except the nose, and I think shading will fix that. Good luck.