Entry #7

New Animation: Preview and Screenshot

2008-12-02 10:38:44 by Wota-Animations

I posted this on the forum in the art section but i thought i mite aswell post it here too, the link does work so i would like to know what everones thoughts are, i am going to make a short with this as a one off, stand alone cartoon! if you have any ideas of how to improve to i would love to here them too!

Here is the link! lets hope my bandwidth holds because it is geocities!

Below is a screen shot of the the flash that is linked above, it is only about 20 seconds long!

New Animation: Preview and Screenshot


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2008-12-02 11:26:03

wish i could draw like that


2008-12-02 11:26:49

P.S. : im first and 2nd :) +_+


2008-12-02 16:35:00

Kinda stiff camera movements, but the backgrounds are pure sex.